BG Servers has been involved in the recycling industry for over 23 years and has established itself as a recognised Drum Reconditioner providing drums & containers, grey water solutions, rain water solutions and the pumps and accessories that compliment these environmentally friendly processes.

What is a Rain Water Solution?

It’s the process of capturing rain water to supplement or replace your current water sources. The process involves redirecting water that falls on the roof gutters of a premises from the storm water drain to holding / storage tanks so the water can be re-used in the garden, swimming pool, to supplement the premises appliances (washing machines, dish washers, toilets etc) that use water. This reduces the amount of municipal or ground water (borehole) that needs to be used which in turn produces water cost savings & more importantly reduces the pressure on municipal (dam water) & underground water supply (if a well point or borehole is in place).

Is it a complicated process?

No, not at all. You use the current gutter infrastructure of the premises / home you want to collect from. You just redirect the downpipes that run into the storm water trap in the ground below into a holding / storage tank close to that down pipe. Gravity does the rest due to the fact the premises / home roof is generally above the top of the storage / holding tank.

The stored water can either be gravity fed onto the lawn or garden if you in a flat area or the use of a small pressure pump allows you to direct water into numerous areas including the feeding of your home supply.

Why use a pump over buckets or gravity feeding?

How can BG Servers help you with a Rain Water Solution?

Both BG Servers directors have successfully been using rain water solutions at their own homes so have hands on experience of what may work & what may not.

BG Servers may not do installations but can advise the DIY shopper on how too or point the hands-off shopper in the direction of those who do installations.

BG Servers can advise and supply you with the most suitable system for your individual application.

BG Servers sells storage tanks / drums / buckets, fittings to make the connections, pumps to transfer rain water, various filters for removing solids etc, and the environmentally friendly treatment agents.

BG Servers has its own on-site technician so we can make up custom rain water & greywater kits / systems, do repairs or service pumps and accessories on site. – Can potentially save clients time & equip you with the knowledge on how to prevent further repairs down the road.

Offer pump rentals where necessary and can provide loan units where a situation requires it.

Being a small team allows for a more personal experience.

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